A Missed Class Leaves An Empty Space In The Brain

This is the statement that The Boom quotes whenever a student wants to miss a class of Big Chem or Mighty Physics.

The Stories of Chet, Lance, and Laura

Chet was the typical callused sophisticate of an upper echelon nerd. His 4.0 grade point average was impeccable.

"Mr. Boomah", utters Chet in his elevated-nose aristocratic tone,

" I am here to INFORM you that I shall be missing your Chemistry class on Friday to attend a CSF Field Trip. And I know my rights... You, Mr. Boomah, MUST allow me to make up the work."

" Chet, as you well know, A Missed Class leaves an Empty Space in the Brain".

"Mr. Boomah, as you are well aware, I have a 4.0 average and am quite capable of making up the work."

"But Chet", reminds The Boom, bookwork can indeed be made up, but what you miss is the experience of participation, demos, films, and labs. It is like an athlete saying that he can make up a missed game by getting someone's notes. It just cannot be done".

"None-the-less, Mr. Boomah, I shall be absent on Friday, and you WILL allow me to make up the work".

And he did.

Three years later, Chet and some other alumni were at the annual Christmas Carol Sing at Boomeria.

"Mr. Boomah", Chet oozed in his same old sophisticated way, "I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent background you gave me in Chemistry. It has been most helpful in college Chemistry, etc, etc."

"WOW, Chet, that's great to hear. We teachers need this... etc, etc"

"But I do have one suggestion, Mr. Boomah"

"OK, Chet, let's hear it"

"Mr. Boomah, I suggest that you teach the Wurtz Reaction to increase the length an organic molecule's chain. We needed that."

"Chet, we do the Wurtz Reaction every year..."

"Mr. Boomah, I have every note that you ever gave, and the Wurtz Reaction is not amongst them!"

Then the Boom remembered...

"Chet, that was the day your missed class for your field trip!"

Heh, heh, heh.... Rubbbit in, har, har. 

A Missed Class Leaves An Empty Space In The Brain


Response from Lance:

Date: Wed, Jan 15, 1997 12:07 AM PST

From: DrFearless

Subj: Re: Empty space!

To: Le Boom


"I never heard that! I am honestly rolling on the floor. I would like to add that I missed the "lead balloon" and "Mole" video/film due to a CSF field trip and have looking to find it ever since. The GAP...cannot be filled! - Lance".

A Missed Class Leaves An Empty Space In The Brain


Laura missed one Physics class to take a trip. The missed class contained many important demonstrations on atmospheric pressure, one of which was on how siphons work and how to start a siphon. One must use atmospheric pressure to start the siphon, NEVER THE MOUTH!

The following week, Laura was asked by an instructor to siphon the water from a fish tank and clean the tank.

Laura used her mouth.

GEEEEEEAAAAAAAKKKKKKKKK! A mouthful of old fish tank residue!

Ooooohhhhhhhhhaahhhhhhhh... puke-er-eeeno!

A Missed Class Leaves An Empty Space In The Brain