Letter of Recommendation

In order for Boom to write you a letter of recommendation, you must supply him with pertinent information.

Here's what you do:

1. Select the Information Sheet below.

2. Copy it.

3. Paste it into a word processor document.

4. Type in the requested information using SHORT COMPLETE SENTENCES.

5. Do a spell check and be sure all is OK.

6. Save the document.

7. Select and Copy the document and Paste it into an e-mail letter and send it to

8. Give Boom, at school, any other documents needed for your recommendation.


First Name:

Last Name:

What school(s) are you applying to?

What is your planned major?

What Student Government Activities have you done?

Clubs and organizations:

Have you held any offices or position of leadership either in school or in the community? What organizations? What years?

Which extra curricular activity have you enhjoyed most and why?

Community related Activities or Volunteer:

Sports and for how many years:

Hobbies and Special Interests or Talents:

Awards and Honors:

Other Accomplishments:


Is there an accomplishment or significant event which you feel has helped to shape your character, personality and attitudes?

Goals - Describe briefly your future plans by indicating the course of study you plan to pursue and your goals beyond college.

Any other pertinent information?

Please e-mail your completed form to

NOTE: If this is your first e-mail to Boom, you will receive a note from SpamArrest.com asking you to verify yourself. After you do this, Boom will receive your letter. So check your e-mail a few minutes after you send your letter to Boom for the verification process.